Q What is Dutademy.

Dutademy is an e-book platform where users can post and sell their e-books. They earn from their uploads and cash out in Diuto Token.

Q: How can I contact Diuto Academy.

A: You can contact us by sending us mail via support@dutademy.com or dutademy@gmail.com . You can equally contact us on our social media.

Q: What is Diuto Academy Cash back.

A: This is a way of rewarding contributors for their uploads and contribution offered by earning some reward in points which equals to 5:1 ratio.

Q: How Do I Get Paid My Earnings.

A: You take back all the payments earned from your product sales or restricted content. Payouts are made on 10th of every month. We only charge transaction fee charge of ₦500 which will be deducted from your payouts.

Contact Us For Any Other Issues via Support@dutademy.com

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