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Coronavirus caused man to wed in his living room

A Picture speaks louder than a thousand words" they say... Hence the photos below will tell you more about the story herein.

A post on the social media, Igboist Facebook platform has shown how a man who planned his wedding before the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic has shown seriousness towards his settlement.

Instead of cancel the wedding, he went further to arrange for his wedding on his living room.

Photos shows that the wedded wife was not happy about the whole scenario but she could not object going ahead with the wedding.

The couple called few of their friends and their priest who blessed their union and certified them man and wife.

According to the post on the Igboist group chat, the lady who made the post stated: "Instead of postponing his wedding because of covid19..Uncle opted to do it in his living room but my dear Mrs is not happy with the whole arrangement.. See her unsmiling face na"

Single ladies and gents is this a welcome idea to you? She asked..

I agree with you because of the dangerous disease the outdoor functions are banned by the government. I am going to follow and subscribe to for more latest updates. Guys I have started my own blogging page please do check out as I love traveling and love to capture nature.

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