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COVID 19: Woman Receives Thorough Beating From Policemen in Rivers State

Police Brutality In Rivers State, Nigeria. What is the way forward? Cries are ongoing in Warri over the brutality of soldiers on innocent community youths and yet, there is another gone wrong in Bende Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

A Nigerian man, Nnamdi Obododoechi, a Facebook user, has taken to Facebook to share photos of a lady, (name withheld) who was allegedly beaten like a criminal by the Police and Taskforce men in River state as a result of the lockdown/stay at home order.

He wrote;

"Rivers State people Corona virus is not killing us again but our government are the ones killing us now all in name of fighting Corona virus....

"Task force and police are going about destroying people's goods and beating people that are looking for a way to buy food items for their families to eat.

"This woman was seen on the road with a small bag of food items that she bought for her family and they wanted to take it from her and she refused that's why they flog her like this with Cains, this just happened at Bende Street Port Harcourt Rivers State, my people make una see this kind thing dey good?"

Commentaries disproved the act of beating and disgracing people in most States in Nigera as the best way to get people stay at home and stay safe. Needless to say, comments advised that; government should help the poor masses who can't fend their families either with cash or food items as the needy believes hunger kills more than the coronavirus pandemics.

If you consider this act inhumane treatment, kindly hit the comment section and tell us how you feel🙏

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