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Download CHEM 101 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 2019/2020 Session Lecture Assignments.

This is course outline for CHM 101 ,the lecturers to handle them and the stress areas for each topic and the weeks each and everyone of the courses will be handled all arranged accordingly

The topics include:
1.Stoichiometry and Mole concept- Prof. J. N Asegboloyin

  1. Introduction to Atomic Structure- Dr. S. U Oruma
  2. Determination of Masses- Odewole O. A
  3. Development of Electronic Configuration- C. J Ezeorah
  4. Electronic theory of valency- N. N Ukwueze
  5. Periodic Classification of atoms- Prof. O. T Ujam
  6. Group study of representatives element- Prof. P. O Ukoha
  7. Radioactivity and it's application- Prof. L. N Obasi

This is the CHM 101 course outline with the lecturers to handle each topic.

You'll get the stress areas for each topic in the PDF document provided .

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