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Social Distancing: Best time to make extra cash


The Coronavirus has been trending on social media and the Internet. since the spread began, it has raised dust and arguments online over the cause and origin of it. As the virus continues to spread around the world, most people tend to circulate false information through social media. Thereby, causing panic and problems around the world. It is advised that people observed the advice of world health agencies. Another way to help curb the spread of the virus is by keeping a far distance from other people. which is  term Social Distancing.

Social distancing is the process of staying away from social activities or gathering, an example is attending parties or clubbing. The reason for social distancing is to curtail or prevent the spread of the virus. since the virus is contracted through sneezing and coughing.

The best way to abstain from getting the virus is being on quarantine as a means of relaxation. But engaging in making extra cash can be productive and supporting.

While staying at home, one can use the opportunity to make a lot of money online in the comfort of his or her room. Anyone can utilize this.................


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Social distancing is something we need to maintain in any case if we guys really wanted to get rid of this COVID -19. As we don’t have its vaccine so this is the treatment to keep yourself safe and away from this virus. This could be dangerous in any way. You can do my assignment online and help others to complete their task.

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